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Illuminated Signs Brisbane


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Light Boxes

Single Sided Lightbox Standard fluorescent globes are fitted into the box and wired with standard lighting ballasts. These box signs are seen in Australia in a daily basis as they are the most popular type of illuminated signage optionWe custom make all type of illuminated signs and signage. Please click here to go to the illuminated signage section on our website. The Illuminated Sign may be the most important sign of your business, attracting clients attention and promoting your business.


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Neon sign

Different Uses for Neon

Neon is used in many different ways, including simple neon signs, fabricated letters (often called 3D letters) and lighting places that normal lighting may not fit. JP Signs can manufacture custom neon to suit your business and its environment. We only use the best quality neon making sure that what we supply is of a high quality standard. Your neon sign is sure to standout because of careful design and quality neon tubes.


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LED sign

LED Signs

LED signs are composed of small lights with an extremely powerful outputs. Based on semi-conductor technology, just like computer processors, they constantly increase in brightness, energy efficiency and longevity. Some LED signs are made of tough Plexiglas. They are a very economical product to run and require less maintenace with a longer life span in burning hours.......


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edgelit sign

They are manufactured from clear acrylic with laser or router cut text, lines and shapes. As the name suggests, a white or coloured light source is then fitted to the edge of the acrylic to create a stunning result. Adhesive vinyl cut graphics can also be fitted to the background to fill in letters and shapes.The signs are available in a range of sizes up to 3600 x 2000mm......


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hanging sign

Turn passersby into new customers - stop them in their tracks and invite them inside your business with an under awning sign that gets you noticed for all the right reasons. At JP Signs, the work we do is customised for each and every client. This means your under awning sign will not only be one of a kind, it will bedesigned to suit your message, setting and budget,.....

printing machines


LED Sign


Vehicle Sign


reception sign

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